Chapel Springs Series




“Buckle up for another bumpy and funny ride with the ladies of Chapel Springs. Characters are funny, caring and just want to do the right thing for the community, with unexpected and humorous results. Mulligan has written a wonderful contemporary novel that tickles the funny bone.” RT Book Reviews


“Chapel Springs: where anything can happen, and usually does. Claire and her best friend Patsy are as lovable as ever; even with all the new problems they face, they keep their sense of humor. The storyline is believable, and readers will identify with issues that are mentioned in the book. Mulligan writes with humor and wit. This book does not disappoint.” RT Book Reviews


“Welcome back to Chapel Springs! With Claire and Patsy as your tour guides, you never know what will happen while visiting. The characters are a fun bunch: bold, cunning, shy and sweet. The plot is believable with twists and turns like a crazy roller coaster ride. Ane Mulligan mixes laughter with serious issues and creates an amazing novel to be treasured.” RT Book Reviews

Endorsements & Reader Reviews

"Pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea and head out onto the porch with this richly woven tale of life in a small, but suddenly booming southern town. Mulligan’s characters are warm and engaging, not to mention delightfully human, as they struggle to navigate problems both big and small, proving in the end that nothing is impossible when we hold tight to faith and keep our hearts open.”  -Barbara Davis, Author of Summer at Hideaway Key


“A touching story involving real women who face crisis, love, doubt, and desperation with love and humor. Together, they survive when courage calls.” DiAnn Mills, Christy Award-winner and author of Firewall

 “Reading the Chapel Springs series is like coming home to the place you wish you were from, to the friends you know and love." Gina Holmes, best-selling, award-winning author of Crossing Oceans & Driftwood Tides.  

When the Bough Breaks


Endorsements & Reader Reviews

“Readers who enjoy the political suspense genre should give Mulligan’s latest a try.” RT Book Reviews

"Romance, suspense and the turmoil of politics, written with snap and style by Ane Mulligan. This book has it all." ~ James Scott Bell, bestselling author of City of Angels

"When the Bough Breaks is a fast-paced story filled with intrigue, betrayal and romance with a resolution I didn’t see coming. Bravo, Ane Mulligan! Well done!" ~ Kellie Coates Gilbert, Author of the Texas Gold series (Revell)

"What a fabulously intriguing novel! Once can almost feel the energy in the atmosphere of judges and elected representatives, and hear the dialogue of realistic characters finely honed by the author. It is an excellent novel of a political arena best written by one who has worked in it." ~ An Amazon reader


“This was a great read. A little bit of romance and a lot of suspense. The author did a great job of keeping my attention. I loved the characters. I was impressed with how accurately she described the narcissistic traits of the villain in this story.” ~ Carrie, an Amazon reader

"Ane Mulligan has done it again! She draws you into her character's lives making you feel like one of the family. Another of Ane's books I didn't want to end." ~ An Amazon reader

"In When the Bough Breaks, Ane Mulligan speaks in a strong, new voice. Having enjoyed her Chapel Springs books, I had positive expectations for this novel, but I was unprepared for being plunged into a world miles away from Chapel Springs. In this gripping tale of romantic suspense, Sienna O'Shea grapples with her identity crisis on several fronts. Her struggle is portrayed with depth and sensitivity. The villain of the tale oozes his slimy way through the world of politics in a frighteningly real manner. The hero does what heroes do, and in his adventures with his sidekick we see a glimmer of Ms. Mulligan's signature humor. The story is riveting and uplifting. Give us more, Ane! Soon!" ~ An Amazon reader

Coming Home - A Tiny House Collection


Endorsements & Reader Reviews

“I loved this collection of stories set in tiny houses. Each author brought a unique perspective to the new trend for less is more. From the heat of Texas to the shores of the icy Great Lakes, tiny homes are becoming ways for those who want the freedom from things to live. Each have put their faith in God to direct their paths. From sweet romance to intriguing mystery, these seven authors have written a wonderful collection that is easy to sit and enjoy. However, Be Careful, once you start you will not be able to stop.

The first in the line up is Love is Sweeter in Sugar Hill by Ane Mulligan. I love all of Ms. Mulligan's books so far. This story does not disappoint. Take a hunky hospital administrator and team him with a determined nurse and what do you get? A love story.

Kayla's Challenge by Linda Yezak brings Kayla Mullins to the realization that she cannot marry the man her parents wish her too. Will she be able to convince them that she can make it on her own?

If These Walls Could Talk by Pamela Meyers brings two lost souls together. Will Kia and Erik be able to figure out who truly owns the house? Will Kia be able to settle in the could North or does Florida call her name?

Yvonne Anderson writes First Love. Minda's marriage is over. The finality hits her and she decides to write herself a new life beginning with a tiny house in the woods. Will she be able to find answers by going back to her hometown?

Dash of Pepper by Kimberli S. McKay tells the tale of Nina Pepper. A young woman wanting to escape her hometown. When the man she wants to marry leaves her without a backwards glance, Nina must accept this. But her growing attraction for a certain police man has her wondering if she really wants to leave.

Berly Charles is out to save her business in Big Love by Michael Ehret. Rafe is a big time magazine reporter who feels that writing about the tiny house craze is beneath his abilities. However, when he finds out who the story involves, his interest is piqued. Will a certain red head be able to change his mind?

Finally in The Light Holding Her by Chandra Lynn Smith, Julia Adkins is glad to live in the middle of nowhere in her tiny tree house. But the walls seem too invisible and the area too remote when yellow marbles begin to appear out of nowhere. In a fight for her life, Julia finds her sanctuary has been violated.

With each of these stories involving tiny houses, the reader really comes to see that peace and quiet can be found in small places. I really enjoyed the collection and look forward to reading more books by these authors. I do believe some follow up stories may be needed.” – Caliegh, an Amazon Reviewer

“There may be one style house in Coming Home, A Tiny House Collection, but there are many styles of romance and writing, from Ane Mulligan’s southern charm to Michael Ehret’s humorous Big Love (my personal favorite). With 7 authors incorporating the tiny house phenomenon in each their stories, it’s a fun read with more twists and turns than you could fit in a mansion!” There may be one style house in Coming Home, A Tiny House Collection, but there are many styles of romance and writing, from Ane Mulligan’s southern charm to Michael Ehret’s humorous Big Love (my personal favorite). With 7 authors incorporating the tiny house phenomenon in each their stories, it’s a fun read with more twists and turns than you could fit in a mansion! – An Amazon Reader

“I love the concept of tiny houses, and a collection of short stories with the unifying thread of tiny houses was more than I could resist. The stories were diverse and it was interesting to see how each author used a tiny house in unique ways.” – An Amazon Reader

“These stories are so well-written and offer such variety of style. This a great collection. I highly recommend this book.” – An Amazon Reader