For Church Women's Groups

CAN Author page: http://christianauthorsnetwork.com/ane-mulligan/ 

I am available to speak to church/women's groups, and writer's groups on a variety of subjects. 

If your women's group has a specific theme or topic you'd like Ane to speak on, I will be happy to develop/customize any topic for your group. As the Lord has given me an extra large funny bone, I can't be responsible for any humor that seeps into my presentations.


• Using Scripture and humor, Ane shows how to survive while you wait for God to provide a miracle of grace.

• How to win your unequally yoked spouse with actions not words.

• How to keep faith that God will keep His promises as the years pass.


• Starting a new career after your nest is empty can be fun. Okay, it can be daunting, too, but if Ane did it, so can you.

• Using your past, create a future.


• Using Scripture and humor, Ane shares how prayer and actions won her prodigal son back to God.

• How do you surrender you child to God?


• Ane will teach how to start a book club using Christian fiction (and non-fiction) to minister to its members. 

• Ane will share how to get local authors to speak with your book club and how to Skype to FaceTime with them if they aren't local. 


• Ane shares events from her own life as an example of God's sense of humor. 

• How she met Lord Guacamole in London.

• Getting card adventures

• How a Valentine's Day romantic cruise went south.

• And many mor

For Writer's Groups


How To Be A Critiquer of Consequence

A common misconception about critique groups is they strip away your individual style and voice. It can be circumvented, if you know how. This workshop offers advice on how to find critique partners, work with different genres, and how to blend your unique strengths and weaknesses to form a top-notch group, and avoid discouragement. 

Group Blogging

Keeping up with a blog is time consuming for a writer. Other than cloning yourself, group blogging is the best alternative. Founded in 2005, Novel Journey—now Novel Rocket—was the first literary group blog. From our 10 years of experience, learn how to find your audience, find your focus, pull together the right team, and monetize your blog.

Lies & Motivation: The Foundation of Great Characters & Plots

• The Lie characters believe about themselves is the key to their motivation. Motivation is the drive, the incentive to reach a goal. It's the foundation to compelling characters and the key to great plots. 

• Make the motivation complex and you'll have memorable characters your readers will follow through anything. Once you know your character's motivation, plotting becomes easier. 

• Starting with the characters backstory, you'll learn the lie they believe about themselves, what incident caused it, the fear developed from it, and dig deep for the core motivation, which is also a great way to find your theme. 

• Plan to bring your work in progress or ideas for a new WIP. Together, we'll ferret out your character's motivation. 

"When Ane Mulligan taught this workshop, I felt like I'd attended a $175 per hour psychiatric visit." ~ Creston Mapes, award-winning suspense author.

Conference Pitching

• The Wind Up: Writing the pitch is harder than writing your novel, but I'll give you several tips on how to write a good one short enough to memorize. 

• The Pitch: Practicing your pitch with your writing buddies - at all hours.

• Hit or Strike Out: Tips on when and when not to deliver your pitch.

• Pitches/queries that work and those that don't.

Rules Schmules

• Learn the basics of good writing like Show don't Tell, Use of strong verbs instead of passive, POV, self-editing, etc.

• The Magic Paragraph

• Learning when and how to break them.

POV and Deep POV

• There are several types of Point of View to write in: first person, third person limited. Each offers something different.

• Do I have to stick to one type of POV?

• The difference between POV and Deep POV: I'll give examples to demonstrate the difference. 

"When Ane Mulligan taught a class at our writers conference, the lights went on in my head. She has a way of teaching that makes her students get it." ~ Cindy Pope