Why another book on writing? What makes this one special?

This awesome book will not just give you ONE perspective on the writing world. It will give you several. Each author has chosen the topics on which they excel. This way, you hear from the experts on that particular skill. Additionally, some topics (i.e., plotting, publishing, and marketing) will be discussed from several points of view. That way you can choose the ideas and styles (or a combination of several) that best suit you.

This book is due out by early Fall 2018. 

Here are some of the things we’ll cover and the authors who will teach them:

· The different types of plotting techniques - Ane Mulligan, Connie Almony, Erica Vetsch, Michelle Griep, Louise M. Gouge, Lynnette Bonner, Julie Lessman, MaryLu Tyndall, Hallee Bridgeman, and Elizabeth Ludwig

· Transporting a reader into the past - Erica Vetsch

· Planning a research trip - Michelle Griep

· General research techniques - Erica Vetsch

· Developing characters - Hallee Bridgeman

· Writing Colorful Characters - Connie Almony

· Villains we love to hate - Elizabeth Ludwig

· Dynamic Dialogue - Ane Mulligan

· Ramping up the Sigh Factor in our Heroes - Julie Lessman

· The Right Woman for the Romance Job - Connie Almony

· The Tease: Scene/Chapter Endings to Lead Your Readers On - Julie Lessman

· Hook your reader in the first chapter - MaryLu Tyndall

· Making your readers cry - Michelle Griep

· Beyond Descriptions - creating a movie set - MaryLu Tyndall

· Whose POV is it, Anyway? Learning How to Write Deep - Lynnette Bonner

· Copyediting your manuscript: Can you really do it all yourself? - Louise M. Gouge

· Indie publishing vs. Traditional publishing, which way should you go?- Louise M. Gouge, MaryLu Tyndall, and Julie Lessman

· Marketing for those who hate Marketing - Erica Vetsch, MaryLu Tyndall, Michelle Griep, Connie Almony, Louise M. Gouge, Ane Mulligan, Hallee Bridgeman, Julie Lessman, Lynnette Bonner, and Elizabeth Ludwig

The authors in alphabetical order:

Connie Almony, www.ConnieAlmony.com

Lynnette Bonner, www.lynnettebonner.com

Hallee Bridgeman, http://www.halleebridgeman.com/

Michelle Griep, michellegriep.com

Louise M. Gouge, LouiseMGougeAuthor.blogspot.com

Julie Lessman, www.julielessman.com

Elizabeth Ludwig, http://www.elizabethludwig.com/

Ane Mulligan, www.anemulligan.com 

MaryLu Tyndall, www.marylutyndall.com

Erica Vetsch, www.ericavetsch.com


A Southern Season: Four Stories from a front porch swing

Coming in November, 2018

Ice Melts in Spring, by Linda W. Yezak

Lillie Beth in Summer, by Eva Marie Everson

Through an Autumn Window, by Claire Fullerton

A Magnolia Blooms in Winter, by Ane Mulligan

The blurb for A Magnolia Blooms in Winter:

A Broadway hopeful puts her dreams on hold to help an old flame. 

New York. Bright Lights. Broadway. Finally this dream is within reach for Morgan James—until the heartstrings of home tug her back to help out an old friend in Sugar Hill, Georgia. And when she arrives, she’s met with more than she expects. . .love. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but when she sees Andy Wayfield again, an old flame rekindles, burning as bright as those Broadway lights. But when her agent calls, telling her she’s won the lead in a new musical, her heart is split in two. Is fame worth losing the man she loves?


When the Bough Breaks

Her dream job has a Catch 22—and time's running out.

Rookie lobbyist Sienna O'Shea is determined to make a name for herself in New York's capitol city and use that influence to gain easier access to her past. But when she's handed her first assignment her worlds collide. 

Swept up into the intrigue of backroom politics, falling in love was not on Sienna's agenda, but the candidate for Lt. Governor runs a formidable campaign to make her his first lady. When an investigative reporter discovers foreign money infiltrating political campaigns, the trail leads to Sienna's inner circle.

Available in 2 formats:

http://amzn.to/2kE7cnC (Kindle)

https://amzn.to/2ICDmgo (paperback)


Coming Home - A Tiny House Collection

7 Novellas by 7 Authors - all in one BIG book

Tiny houses are all the rage these days, but what can you do with something so small? Here are seven stories about people chasing their dreams, making fresh starts, finding love, stumbling upon forgiveness, and embarking upon new adventures in tiny houses. Travel with them around the country in this big novella collection.

Love is Sweeter in Sugar Hill by Ane Mulligan: She has a tiny house. He lives in a mansion. She vows to charge a doctor with malpractice. His job depends on that doctor's finances. Will love find a way?

Kayla's Challenge by Linda W.Yezak: She was one "I do" short of marrying the man her pushy parents chose for her. Now, half a country away, she needs a tiny house to finally be free.

If These Walls Could Talk by Pamela S. Meyers: Both claim to have inherited the same Queen Anne until an unexpected blessing changes everything.

First Love by Yvonne Anderson: Betrayed by her husband and desperate for healing, she can only move forward by going back home.

Dash of Pepper by Kimberli S.McKay: His responsibilities tie him to the small town he loves, but her career plans will lead her to the big city. Will he cut his roots for her or will she clip her wings for him?

Big Love by Michael Ehret: Homelessness expanded her world and constricted his. Now she needs his help, but he only remembers the pain. Can they find big love in a tiny house?

The Light Holding Her by Chandra Lynn Smith: Friends since childhood. She's being stalked. He's in danger.Is their faith big enough to carry them through the trials into a deeper relationship?

Available in 2 formats:

http://amzn.to/2qROuwF (Kindle)

https://amzn.to/2rWV1EX (paperback)